January 13, 2022 | 4 minute read

Keyless Smart Entry = Enhanced Security & Convenience


At NationWide Self Storage, there is nothing more important to us than customer satisfaction and security. That is why we offer the most advanced, enterprise-level, blue tooth technology and security measures to best serve our clients.

Our hassle-free, keyless locking system is provided via an app on your smartphone and has a huge range of benefits not only for individuals, but especially for small businesses:

  • Access the front gate, loading bays and elevators via your smartphone
  • Access your storage locker via your smartphone
  • Easily share access with your employees, co-workers, friends, or family
  • Motion detection provides alerts on your smartphone if someone enters your locker
  • Inside the door locking system that is invisible to potential thieves
  • Feel safe knowing your assets and inventory are in good hands

What is Keyless Self Storage?

Keyless self storage is the latest innovation in security when it comes to keeping your possessions both safe and easily accessible.   Gone are the days of purchasing bulky locks and keys for your storage locker or dealing with endless passcodes to get in gates, elevators, or your locker.

NationWide is ahead of the game, utilizing the power of Nokē Inc. for the ultimate smart entry system and security monitoring at their facilities. It is a globally trusted, enterprise-level system that you can access from an app on your smartphone.

For business owners large and small who need to store inventory and records, our system really is the best option out there. Here’s why.

The Highest Level of Security and Convenience

Our priority is keeping our customer’s belongings safe and secure. Providing a high-tech, low-voltage electronic locking system, NationWide utilizes SecurGuard™ locks that fit on the inside of your locker doors and are invisible to potential thieves. SecurGuard’s™ patented design makes it nearly impossible to puncture, break or disarm.  

Our smart entry system is also convenient for those who are less comfortable with tech. With easy-to-follow instructions to install the system app, you will be able to get going right away. And if a person doesn’t have a smart phone — no problem. We are happy to sync up a fob that offers the same level of security.

From access to the front gate, loading bay doors, elevators, your floor, and your personal locker, you have the power and control in your own pocket. It is quick, convenient, and you’ll find that the security at NationWide Storage is second to none.

Real Time Tracking and Mobile Alerts — See Who’s in Your Locker

That’s right — with smartphone access you have all the information you need at your fingertips including the ability to see in real time is someone enters your storage locker, and for how long. 

You can also see if someone has accessed the unit outside of a scheduled time, or if someone is spending too much time (or not enough!) with your valued goods. Being able to monitor who is coming and going (more on sharing access codes below) is an added measure of security and information that most business owners greatly appreciate.

No More Lost Keys or Combination Locks

We all have enough passwords and information to try and keep track of these days, and consolidation equals efficiency. Thanks to NationWide Storage’s smart entry system, we have eliminated the need to remember the combination lock code. Additionally, you’ll no longer need to keep track of your keys, or replace them or the lock should they go missing. Keyless entry helps keep life simple, while improving security, so that you can walk away knowing that your inventory is safe.

Easily Share Access with Employees and Retract Access Whenever You Want

Being able to share access with employees is another benefit of NationWide’s smart access system. No more key drop offs and pick-ups when or if employment ends. You have the control to assign or retract access from employees with absolute ease. 

In this digital age of remote work and online communication, we hear from our customers that this is one of the features that they appreciate the most. As a business owner, you have the power and control. Therefore, there’s no need to replace locks or cut new keys. Simply restrict access from your phone and rest easy that your possessions remain safe and secure.

NationWide Self Storage is the only keyless facility in Vancouver, Burnaby and Kamloops. We’re beyond proud to offer this service to our clients who are looking for both convenience and added security. 

If you have any questions about how NationWide can work for you, connect with us and we’ll get you started! If you’re ready to reserve a storage unity and want to find a storage locker near you, search for your closest NationWide Self Storage location nearby!