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Streamline your operations and save on commercial or warehouse rent

Are you looking for safe, convenient, and affordable business storage in Vancouver, Burnaby, Surrey or Kamloops, for your company, commercial, office or retail space? Need document storage, inventory storage or more room in the office? With NationWide Self Storage, there’s no reason you need to waste precious retail floor space or compromise the flow of your office space by storing excess inventory, records and equipment in-house.

Instead, we can tailor a solution to meet your business storage needs, keeping your inventory, archived documents, and cumbersome office equipment and furniture safely stored in climate-controlled, secure commercial storage units in Vancouver, Burnaby, Surrey and Kamloops.

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Advantages of Storing With NationWide

NationWide’s business and inventory storage are optimized for convenience, security, and simplicity. Some of the benefits going with NationWide for your business and retail storage include:

  1. 24-Hour Access Self Storage. Between 6am and 10pm, access your self-storage at a convenient time for you and your business. If you require 24-hour access for your employees, just ask one of our storage experts and we will set you up!
  2. Flexible Month-to-Month Storage. It’s okay if you don’t know the extent of your storage needs. You can rent storage units in Vancouver, Burnaby, Surrey and Kamloops monthly, with the option to downsize or upgrade your unit to accommodate changes in your storage volume.
  3. The Highest Level of Security. Our facilities are monitored 24/7 with over 70 CCTV surveillance cameras and an enterprise-level keyless locks to guarantee the safety of your belongings. We do not use keypads or padlocks that can be easily cut. NationWide utilizes SecurGuard™ wireless low-voltage locks that fit on the inside of locker doors and are invisible to potential thieves. This patented design makes it nearly impossible to puncture, break or disarm.
  4. Insurance. To protect the contents of your self-storage unit, all tenants receive insurance coverage for a nominal charge.
  5. Shareable Easy Keyless Smart Access. Get secure, simplified, and shareable access to your business storage with NOKE keyless locking system. Grant or revoke access to employees, clients, and other personnel locker access through your smartphone, from anywhere in the world. Monitor when your locker is accessed. Revoke access when needed. No need to mess around with keys or codes, our state-of-the-art smart access system is as secure and convenient as it gets.
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Business storage in Vancouver, Burnaby, Surrey & Kamloops

Business & commercial storage can help:

  1. Reduce your commercial property rental costs by minimizing commercial floor space you require to store inventory and office items.
  2. Store excess stock, inventory, and documents, and archived paper records in a secure, climate-controlled space
  3. Streamline your business by improving the organization of your workplace
  4. Store stock closer to your markets to reduce transportation and delivery costs
  5. Provide easy and secure access to approved personnel through keyless self-storage
  6. NationWide can assist with custom shelving in your facility. Just tell us what configuration you want, and we can order and set it up for you before you move in.