Peace of Mind with Climate
Controlled Self Storage

Optimized storage conditions

Decluttering your space is essential, but it’s no use if the well-being of your items is compromised. NationWide offers climate-controlled storage units in Vancouver, Burnaby and Kamloops to keep your fragile valuables in pristine condition.

Our climate-controlled units maintain a temperature of 10° Celsius throughout the winter to protect the state of your belongings. With the influx of high and low temperatures throughout Vancouver, Burnaby and Kamloops, climate-controlled units are crucial to maintaining optimal conditions for your valuables.

Climate Controlled Self Storage

Benefits of Climate-controlled Self Storage

Along with peace of mind climate-controlled storage provides, some other benefits include:

  1. Protection from extreme temperatures. BC can experience drastic temperature changes – and a lot of humidity. Climate-controlled storage ensures that the interior of your units maintains a consistent temperature to protect your belongings from damaging effects. Items sensitive to extreme temperatures, such as wood furniture, antiques, and musical instruments, could experience warping, cracking, and splitting if exposed to changing conditions. And the integrity of books, business documents, fine art, and technology could be compromised in too high or low of temperatures. Ensure that your valuables remain in peak condition by choosing climate-controlled self-storage.
  2. Protection from dust and debris. Our climate-controlled storage in Vancouver and Kamloops is entirely sealed off, with insulated roofs, walls, and floors as added protection for your valuables. So, there’s no need to worry about outside dust and debris finding their way into your climate-controlled self-storage unit when storing with NationWide.
  3. Peace of mind – priceless! Whether your stored belongings have a high value or a sentimental value, you can rest assured your items will be clean, safe, and secured. You can sleep comfortably knowing you’ve protected your precious items from harsh seasonal changes and weather-related mishaps. As the saying goes, “some things in life are priceless”, even if an item can be replaced – assuming it’s even replaceable – because it means so much to you.

Climate-controlled Self Storage can help you:

  1. Furniture storage made from wood, leather, metal, wicker, or upholstery
  2. Electronics
  3. Artwork
  4. Musical instruments
  5. Media (DVDs, vinyl records, CDs, etc.)
  6. Antiques
  7. Collectibles (stamps, coins, comic books, etc.)
  8. Paper documents and photographs
  9. Sports equipment like inflatable SUP paddleboards that can deteriorate with fluxing temperatures
  10. Medical supplies and equipment
  11. Season tire storage
  12. Wine storage
  13. Toiletries, cosmetics, and hair products