The 10×10 Storage Unit Size

At NationWide Self Storage, we know the thought of renting a storage unit can be overwhelming. However, with our convenient storage facilities that provide easy access, tons of packing space, and are centrally located, storing items has never been simpler. The 10×10 unit is often utilized by customers looking to free up space in their standard one car garage, two-bedroom apartment, or who are currently moving to a new apartment or house.

Why? Because a 10×10 storage unit can easily store up to three rooms worth of belongings, as well as several pieces of large furniture and boxes. A 10×10 size storage unit is also great for commercial storage, allowing professionals to free up valuable office space. No matter what you need to store, we are the storage facility near you that has the square feet available to help you store comfortably and safely.

Graphic of a 10 x 10 Nationwide Self Storage unit showing example of what you can store inside.

How Big is a 10×10 Storage Space?

Measuring at 10 feet in both width and length, a 10×10 storage unit totals at 100 square feet. With 800 cubic feet of space, this unit is comparable to half of a standard one car garage. One of the most popular choices for indoor storage, a 10×10 storage unit can store the contents of three average sized rooms or two large bedrooms.

For similar dimensions with a little extra room, we’d recommend checking out our 10×12 storage units totalling at 120 square feet. Our 10×12 unit sizes provide even more space to store large boxes, furniture, and random belongings to effectively declutter those cabinets.

Size of 10x10 Self Storage Unit

What Fits in the Size 10×10 Self Storage Unit?

Whether you’re moving to a new living space, completing home renovations, or are simply wanting to free up some space in your house or office, a 10×10 storage unit is a great choice. When looking to store the contents of two bedrooms, an office space, or gain extra garage space for your cars, a 10×10 storage unit can accommodate all sorts of storing. Some commonly stored items include king size beds, couches, dining tables, large appliances, home electronics, lamps, large pianos, motorcycles, multiple boxes, and more. If you are wondering how many boxes fit in a 10×10 storage locker, you could stack approximately 144 medium sized boxes.

How much does a 10×10 Storage Unit Cost?

What goes into your storage unit cost? Our high-security, climate-controlled self-storage facilities offer a variety of unit sizes to ensure your storage needs are covered. Additionally, our facilities feature many amenities, such as a keyless lock system to access your unit from your phone or fob. To find a self-storage unit at a price that fits your budget, NationWide Self Storage has you covered.

We offer a range of similarly sized units, such as our 10×12 storage facility starting at $349 per month. This rental fee is just an estimate as rental costs depend on the length of rent, time of year, and current company promotions. For a custom quote on your first month’s rent and full details on our self-storage features, the team at NationWide Self Storage are here to help. Give us a call at (604)-336-9594 to hear our unit availability and learn more about our self-storage units.

Convenient Locations With a 10 by 10 Storage Size Unit

Trying to find self-storage that offers easy access, a convenient location, and has the amenities you need to save money and space? A 10×20 locker could be the right storage unit size for you. To find storage near you, here are the NationWide Self Storage locations that offer this type of storage space:

Vancouver Location Image

Boundary Rd

3580 E 4th Ave

Vancouver, BC, V5M 1M2


View Boundary View Boundary
Vancouver Location Image

Pender Street

1223 East Pender Street

Vancouver, BC, V6A 1W7


View Pender View Pender
Kamloops Location Image


1502 Hugh Allan Drive

Kamloops, BC, V1S 1P4


View Kamloops View Kamloops