It’s time to raise the bar for self storage facilties

As the old saying goes, “A thousand mile journey must begin with a single step.”

At NationWide Self Storage, we are proud to take our first strides to becoming a perennial provider of the most dynamic self storage solutions in the business. The go-to choice for the most comprehensive, forward-thinking self storage products and services aimed at simplifying life for all Canadians.

Our Mission

Be industry leaders who integrate new technologies, creativity and better-than-best practices to the self storage and auto wash market. Be a customer-first culture that ensures convenience, trust and dependability. Be constant collaborators who enable strong authentic team environments focused on building safe, secure, and stable facilities and sustainable communities.

And most of all, be a home away from home in your community.

NationWide Self Storage, a modern facility situated in Vancouver, BC

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Progression & prosperity

At NationWide Self Storage, your progress is our prosperity.

To constantly evolve, we must

  1. Continue to invest in our locations, facilities, technologies and people.
  2. Always be open to proactive change in order to continue to grow.
  3. Stay focused on delivering memorable experiences that spark reciprocal loyalties.

Bottom line, it’s time to put you and your needs first.
Your Storage. Your Way.

We are proud to be

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Fully locally owned Canadian business

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Vancouver’s first Keyless self storage

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100% Backed by like-minded investors

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Because we store our stuff here too.

Our Promise to You

  1. No deposit required on reservations
  2. Reserve the locker online you actually want with a qualified price estimate
  3. Always offer safe and easily accessible Nokē powered keyless storage
  4. Honest and knowledgeable storage experts find you the right solution at the right price
  5. The NationWide Store+ Advantage ensures you’re always satisfied
  6. Our facilities will always be clean, well-lit, and secured
  7. Easily accessible locations situated at the heart of where you live, work, study and play
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Store⁺ is where traditional self storage meets modern day solutions. Where cool enhancements compliment classic expectations. Where family values drive results, rewards, and relationships.
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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Learn about everything from self storage basics to safety standards and security. Our FAQ answers questions self storage customers tend to ask us most. If we haven’t covered what you’re looking for, let us know!
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Haven’t figured out what storage space suits you best? Our convenient, easy to use storage calculator can help you find the right fit and estimate. Simply enter your items and click the Find A Locker button.
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