October 20, 2020 | 3 minute read

How to Maximize Space in Your Storage Unit?


Self storage units are an excellent solution for many storage problems. But it is an additional monthly cost in your life, so you are likely going to want to make the most of it. If you are looking to make the most of your storage unit in Vancouver, we’ve got some tips and tricks so that you can maximize your storage space.

Follow these simple tips for How to Maximize Space in Your Storage Unit

6 Tips For How to Maximize Your Storage Unit

1. Create a Plan

Before you even get started hauling things into your storage space, create a map so that you can be sure your things will fit in and be organized on the first try. Take some time to think things through — you might want to section things off by season or by room so that it will be easier to navigate if you need to take anything out again. Drawing it out on paper is extra helpful because you can refer back to it later on and you won’t waste time on your first try.

2. Uniform Boxes

Boxes or storage containers that are all the same size and shape will allow you to stack things high and keep things organized at the same time. You can label the outside and divide into sections (holiday decorations, summer activities, paperwork 2010-2015, for example). Uniform storage bins will keep things organized and plastic or rubber bins will be long lasting to help keep your belongings free from dust, water damage, or mold.

3. Add Shelves

Shelves are a game-changer when it comes to maximizing your storage space. You can add them high up the wall where space might otherwise be wasted, and shelves make it much easier to retrieve things if you are going to be going in and out for boxes throughout the year. You can either bring in some shelving units or affix them to the wall, depending on your storage unit.

4. Use Peg Board

Another great space maximizing tip we’ve seen in some Vancouver storage units is adding peg board to one wall to hang items from. Using the wall this way makes great use of space that often goes ignored and wasted. You can hang things like skis or surfboards, or tools, or holiday decorations — or whatever it is that you’re storing in the first place.

5. Disassemble Furniture

Taking things apart — like bed frames and other bulky furniture — will create more flat surfaces and make things easier to stack or line up efficiently. Of course, make sure you place any screws or finishing pieces into a secured bag and store safely!

6. Play Tetris

You know the game — it’s time to channel your inner video game child and put those skills to good use. The more creatively you can fit one thing inside and around another, the more space you will use overall.

In Vancouver, space is a premium no matter where you look. The same goes for personal storage units. So you might as well make the most of what you have and store your belongings smartly and efficiently.

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