March 01, 2022 | 4 minute read

Heated Storage Units to Beat the Winter Blues


Love em or hate em, there’s nothing quite like a Canadian winter. It’s the number one topic of conversation for Canadians eight months out of the year, and it affects a lot of decisions that people make. This includes when considering a heated storage unit.

Whether you embrace winter by spending it in the mountains skiing or snowshoeing, or you hop on a plane for warmer weather, Canadian winters are a force to contend with. And heated storage units can really come in handy during the season, whether you stay or flee.

There are plenty of benefits when it comes to using self-storage units in Vancouver or Kamloops. However, it is especially important to pick a facility that is climate controlled during the winter.

Here are some of the top reasons our clients use Nationwide heated self-storage facilities during the winter:

Top Reasons To Choose Heated Storage Units During Winter

1. Peace of Mind

For those going on months-long holidays, thinking about the safety and well-being of their belongings can be stressful and can make it hard to relax. Even if you have someone checking in on things, there is often a worm of doubt that invades the brain. “What if someone breaks in?”, “What if there is damage like flooding or pipes freezing and bursting?”

Moving your valuables into self storage is a one and done task. At NationWide Self Storage, you know the state-of-the-art security system, which is programmed into an app on your phone, is keeping your things safe. This way, there’s no question that they will be ready and waiting upon your return.

2. Flexibility

Say you’ve migrated down to Palm Springs for the winter and you just can’t bring yourself to leave. Well, you know that your possessions are safe and you can extend your storage contract if you want. It’s much better than having to ask your neighbours to check in on your house for another month (or two). 

It’s nice not to be tied to your belongings, especially if you have some flexibility in your work or can seize the opportunity to extend a vacation or travel plans. At NationWide Self Storage, we have a number of plans to choose from. And we are always happy to find a plan that will accommodate your needs. Heck, you can even pay your storage bill online!

3. Temperature Control With Heated Storage Units

Whether you are staying home for winter or leaving for the warmth, your belongings will be subjected to swings in temperature, especially if they are stored outside, or in a garage or shed that isn’t temperature controlled. 

Materials respond in different ways to fluctuations in temperature and humidity. Wood and metal will expand and contract during freezing and thawing, causing them to warp, weaken, split or crack. Textiles can degrade, leather can become brittle and cracked. So any patio furniture, art, decorations or the like would be best stored in a climate controlled storage unit like you can find at NationWide Self Storage.

What about your seasonal tires? Tire experts tell us that a climate-controlled space works best when storing yours and we agree! 

Your trunk, standard garage or shed often fluctuates between hot and cold temperatures as well as precipitation and humidity; all of this combined can cause your tires to deteriorate quickly. It’s also important to store your tires away from things like electric motors, furnaces, switches, and sump pumps because they often emit ozone which can lessen the life of your tires. 

4. Seasonal Storage

One of the great things about Canadian changes in season is that we have invented a lot of fun activities to make the most of winter, summer, and everything in between. But it can take a lot of gear that is only used for a few months each year. And some of the “toys” – well, they take up a lot of room. Things like jet skis, ski-dos, stand-up paddle boards, skis, snowboards, hockey equipment, and camping gear can be a hassle to hold onto.

Heated self-storage units come in handy when you need to store gear that you’re not using. Outdoor gear is expensive and can make a place feel really cluttered. So why not clean it and pack it away in your self-storage unit while it’s not in use? Then, you can swap it out for the seasonal gear at hand.

This is true for holiday decorations, too. If you love putting up big decorations but don’t want to give up the room in your garage for storing them, we know a great place you can keep them!

If you are planning a winter getaway, or you have just made a commitment to yourself to stay more organized, a personal self-storage unit might be the right thing for you. Affordable, safe, clean, climate controlled, and connected to an app on your phone, NationWide Self Storage has the right solution for you at our Vancouver, Burnaby and Kamloops self-storage locations. We offer a range of sizes so whether you are storing sea-dos or a few boxes of valuable possessions, we’ll make sure you have the peace of mind you’re looking for.