March 15, 2021 | 3 minute read

Who Uses Storage Units in Vancouver?


More and more people and businesses are turning to self storage units in Vancouver as a cost-effective solution to dealing with their stuff and a lack of space.

7 Reasons That You Use Storage Units

Personal Storage

Personal storage is probably the most common reason that people use self-storage in Vancouver. And it’s not surprising since renting or owning a home or business costs a lot. People use storage for a lot of reasons — but these are probably the most common.


Renovating is stressful. One way to make the endeavour slightly less stressful is to move belongings into a storage unit while the project is taking place. This way, a person doesn’t constantly have to move heavy furniture from one room to another, or worry about it getting dirty or damaged. Furniture and belongings that are in a self storage unit are secure and safe, and will be ready to move back when the renos are done.


Children are often left to deal with their parents’ belongings after they pass, and in some cases, this can be a whole household worth of things. It can be very overwhelming and emotional. In many cases, people will rent self storage units to temporarily house things that have been passed on to them while they decide what to keep and what to sell, donate, or discard.


Moving home is a complex task, and people often rent self storage units in Vancouver to make the transition easier. Things might not always fit in the new place, or people aren’t always sure what they want to bring along. To relieve some of the pressure, they will store their things in a storage unit while they make those decisions.


One very common usage for self-storage is for seasonal things. This could range from vehicles to decorations to “toys”. We see people hauling in paddle boards and water toys at the end of summer, and picking up Christmas decorations in the winter. There are people who have vintage vehicles that they only drive in the warm months and others who keep tools for winter or summer maintenance in their storage lockers.

Student Storage

When students in university or college break for the summer, many of them move back home for a few months to work and save money. So what do they do with all their stuff? Rent a self-storage locker in Vancouver. It is much cheaper than keeping an apartment for three or four months out of the year, or moving their stuff back and forth from their parents’ home.

Lots of students turn to self storage solutions during the summer months. Once they move all their stuff into the storage unit that is right for them, they don’t have to worry about it until they are back in the fall. We love our student clients, some of whom come back for a few summers in a row.

Business Storage

People often think that storage units are for personal belongings, but actually businesses make up a big percentage of clients that use storage.

What Do Businesses Store?

We see a few different scenarios.

Often businesses store paper documents. Even as the world goes digital, many businesses have paper files that they legally have to keep for years before they can shred them. And with retail and commercial space at a premium in a city like Vancouver, renting a storage unit is a great and cost-effective solution.

Businesses might also use a storage locker in Vancouver to store inventory. There are lots of businesses that put on pop-up shops that rent storage lockers, too. For example, we see businesses that sell vintage furniture that they collect over time and have a sale once or twice a month. In between sales, the proprietor keeps their merchandise in a self-storage unit.

Other businesses ship products from overseas and sell their wares online. They need the extra storage space to keep their products and to stay organized.

Please contact our storage facility in Vancouver, whether you need self-storage for your personal belongings or business.