December 29, 2022 | 4 minute read

Tis the Season for Self-Storage in Vancouver, Burnaby or Kamloops


Christmas Decoration Storage and Christmas Tree Storage Tips

The 2022 Winter season in Vancouver, Burnaby and Kamloops has been a bit of a gong show when it comes to weather, to say the least. Snow, sun, ice, rain, more snow, and repeat.

With the Christmas holiday season, there is always a lot to prepare for, and then, of course, at the end of it, there is much work to do to take it all apart again.

It starts with taking the artificial tree out of storage. With that, there are boxes of decorations for the tree and home to make it feel warm and festive. Even more, boxes are pulled out for outdoor lights and seasonal displays like the giant Santa and his reindeer, or the large inflatable snowman. It’s these festive touches that make children and adults alike excited. You can feel the magic in the air!     

Decorating for the holidays is one of the best things about this season. It can also be one of the biggest seasonal challenges. While it’s magical and exciting to break out all your favorite Christmas songs, ornaments, and wreaths, putting all your décor back in storage is the last thing you want to do. 

When is the best time to take down Christmas decor?

Most households (whether they know it or not) follow a centuries-old tradition of packing up Christmas décor by the Twelfth Night of Christmas (a.k.a January 12th), which seems reasonable timing. The stress of what to do with the seemingly growing boxes of Christmas décor items and ever-spreading pine needles after the holidays can be a challenge. Not only is it sad to see the twinkling lights and holiday ornaments go back into storage, but it’s also a hassle to store everything properly without it taking up space, becoming a big mess, or breaking something. 

How do you pack up Christmas decor safely?

Good news! There is a solution to storing your holiday mementos safely and securely without the usual post-holiday stress. There is no longer the need to drag things to the attic and overfill the closets, garage or basement with holiday embellishments for another 11 months of the year!

A self storage facility near you will allow you to keep your belongings safe in a climate-controlled environment. At the same time, storage lockers allow you to declutter your home – and your mind – enabling you to focus on your New Years’ resolutions instead of the annual storage challenge. 

With a self storage locker, there is no reason to have that giant snowman and Santa Claus lawn set-up taking up precious space while collecting dust in the corner of the garage. Space is at a premium in all over BC, but especially in fast-growing areas like Vancouver, Burnaby, and Kamloops, particularly with smaller apartments and condos, and a self-storage unit allows you to make the most of it. 

Safe and Secure Self Storage – all year round

Storage areas and bike lockers in shared common areas in apartments and condos, are known to be especially easy targets for thieves. And when Christmas decorations are tucked away for a long time, you might not notice them missing for another 11 months. If you store your items in a self-storage unit in Vancouver or Kamloops, you can trust that it will be safe and secure throughout the year.

At NationWide Self Storage, we offer the latest safety and security options in a climate-controlled environment. Each facility has over 70 onsite cameras to record and monitor activity. Additionally, each facility has 24/7 security monitoring. For further peace of mind, with keyless access and management of your unit from an App on your phone, you can monitor your storage unit 24/7. You can grant, manage, and revoke unit access to family and employees, tracking in real-time from the comfort of your phone. This Smart Entry App is especially convenient if you plan to go south after the Christmas holidays for some much-deserved sun. You will be able to enjoy your getaway and not worry for a second if your valuable seasonal things are at risk of being stolen or improperly accessed. 

When you choose NationWide Self Storage, you can call or come in and speak directly to one of our Storage Experts. They can help you decide how much storage you need with just a few questions. They will also ensure you are shown options and sizes so you can be sure you get the right storage size for your Christmas decor. They will also help explain the renting process, how to access and secure your locker via NationWide’s Smart Entry App, and how to make your storage move a breeze. 

If you are looking for a sky locker, small, medium, or large unit to store Christmas seasonal items, we’re ready to help you get your precious belongings into a safe and secure storage unit.

Call us at (778) 357-0700 or visit a NationWide storage location near you to find the right size storage locker today!