May 08, 2023 | 3 minute read

How Self-Storage Helps Seniors


As a boomer, you may think of self-storage as something families use to store their seasonal belongings or that comes in handy when moving houses or during home renovations. You’re probably aware that businesses also use self-storage to keep merchandise, stock, or documents. As more and more seniors are beginning to realize, self-storage can also be the right solution for you or a family member transitioning into a new phase of life. 

Downsizing and Decluttering

After retirement, you may find that cleaning out the closets and getting rid of things you’ve been storing for decades is a job unto itself. It might finally be time for your (now adult) kids to pick up those boxes you’ve been holding on to for them since they left for college. Or maybe you simply feel the impulse to start shedding things that have been taking up space in the house for so long. 

As a senior, you may also be starting to think about selling the family home and moving into something smaller and simpler.

It can feel overwhelming to even consider dealing with a lifetime of items all at once. There may be things that hold sentimental value, and others that might be useful during the next phase, but it’s not yet clear whether they will be needed (like holiday decorations or lawn care tools, for example). 

This is where personal self-storage units come into play. Since there are a range of sizes available — from smaller lockers to large units that could hold the furnishings of a four-bedroom — the perfect unit is easy to find. In this sense, consider self-storage a convenient interim step when minimizing is the goal.

Safe-Keeping During Travel

When it comes to safe-keeping, self-storage units are perfect for seniors who are living the dream and enjoying winters somewhere warm and sunny. Unfortunately, these “snowbirds” can also face an increased risk for break-ins as thieves have become savvy in staking out these situations. Of course, there are precautions are recommended if gone for an extended period (e.g. have a neighbour collect the mail, put the lights on timers, etc.). As the saying goes, it is better to be safe than sorry. 

One of the best ways to ensure that you will return home to your valuables is to store them temporarily in a self-storage unit. This can include art, expensive carpets, electronics, even high-end furniture items — anything you’d hate to find missing if the worst were to happen.

How NationWide Self-Storage Helps Seniors

At NationWide, many seniors store their belongings as they approach this golden phase of life. Many appreciate the state-of-the-art technology that is intuitive and easy to understand. Other reasons why seniors are some of our happiest clients include:

1. Easy to Use

People have enough to remember, and that is especially true the older you get. All of the self-storage lockers, gates and entryways at each of our conveniently located facilities come equipped with enterprise-level security and keyless locks. This means that no one has to remember to bring a key, or memorize yet another passcode. Our Smart Entry App is easy to use on your smartphone or we are happy to provide a key fob, if preferred.

2. Peace of Mind

When it comes to peace of mind, NationWide Self-Storage is second to none. Our facilities are built with the latest technology that sends motion detection alerts to your phone if someone enters your locker, providing you freedom from worry, especially if you are out of town. You can also share keyless access to your locker with friends and family, enabling access to the unit while you are away or if you are unable to. You can also revoke access at any time.

Start Storing Today

There are plenty of factors to consider when approaching retirement, whether for yourself, your parents, or another family member. For any big decision during this transition, it is best to keep things simple and safe. 

If you are looking for self-storage for yourself or someone in your life who is entering their senior years, NationWide is the right fit for you.