April 01, 2022 | 4 minute read

Spring Cleaning to Boost Office Productivity


You know that feeling when you finally get around to doing that deep clean that’s been weighing on your soul? Over the last few months, you’ve watched the grime build up along the baseboards, the stacks of papers and files become unruly, and all the cupboards and closets are finally busting at the seams. Finally, you reach your breaking point and you tackle it all. And the feeling after, when everything is clean, is euphoric.

It’s time, my friends! Time for that spring cleaning. But today we’re talking about office spring cleaning; which not only makes you unbelievably happy, but it also boosts productivity and morale amongst your staff. And after a long couple years of unprecedented pandemic, boosting productivity is just plain good for business. Not sure where to put all that stuff? It’s time to consider a self-storage unit to hold onto files, office equipment, and inventory, so that the office stays clean and organized.

Offices often get overlooked when it comes to streamlining and spring cleaning. But believe us, instituting a mandatory deep clean of the office will pay off in efficiency. Need some tips? Read on!

Desk Deep Clean

Let’s start with the obvious – the humble desk. Desks are their own little ecosystems, with their own systems and logic. But over time, most desks fill up with old files, outdated to do lists, and all sorts of junk.

Every so often, employees should be encouraged to give their desks a deep clean.   Besides just a quick sanitization around a few spots on your desk, have you wondered what has gathered in the drawers? What files should go back in the filing cabinets or what files should be sent to the company’s off-site storage unit for safe keeping?  

When a person works from a clean and organized desk, they are less likely to be distracted and confused about where they put that thing they just had. A clean workspace will boost productivity and help improve morale in the office.

Digital Deep Clean

A digital deep clean is often overlooked because digital files fall easily into the “out of sight, out of mind” category. But it’s incredible how quickly computers, email accounts, and digital storage systems fill up.

Encouraging employees to take an hour every month (or a few hours as a Spring-cleaning project) to declutter and delete their digital landscape can boost productivity. Especially if employees share digital files or your company pays for digital storage space. Check to see how many emails you have unread or that could be deleted – it’s probably in the thousands.

A Spring digital deep clean is a great way to boost productivity in the workplace; making it easier to find things and freeing up some of that clutter.

Files and Folders Deep Clean

Many businesses still keep paper trails of a lot of their business. Over time, this can really take up a lot of your office space causing clutter (and overall less productivity). It’s time to fire up the paper shredder and do a Spring files and folders deep clean.

Of course, not everything can or should be shredded and businesses. In fact, businesses are often legally obliged to keep a copy of files for years. But that doesn’t mean they have to build up the point where it becomes a fire hazard. Renting a self storage space in Vancouver, Burnaby or Kamloops is a great way to create some more breathing room in the office space. With safe, clean, climate-controlled document storage solutions, you can be sure that your paper trails are in great shape for as long as you need them.

Office Supplies and Equipment Deep Clean

Have you ever looked around your office and noticed little piles of electronics, old printers, monitors, projectors, chairs, desks, and other office supplies gathering dust? That means it’s time for a Spring deep clean for your office electronics and supplies.

You don’t have to rush off and recycle or trash these things. Many of them will come in handy as your business continues to grow. But you also don’t need to have them cluttering up the office, distracting your employees and decreasing productivity. Instead, they can be safely stored in a self-storage unit until you need them again.

Whether you are a business owner, office manager of a huge company, or a mighty two-person team, keeping your offices clean and organized will contribute to your business’ success. We help all kinds of businesses stay organized and efficient by providing safe, climate-controlled self-storage units in Vancouver, and we’d love to help you with your office Spring cleaning!