October 21, 2022 | 4 minute read

Halloween Storage: How to Store Your Scary Décor for $69 per month

The window for Halloween decorations seems to get just a little bit longer every year. For the enthusiasts, it is perfectly acceptable to start putting up outside decorations at the end of September. This can stretch out well into November; however, many people set a rule that Halloween decorations must be packed away before Remembrance Day. Nonetheless, we’ve seen stragglers as Halloween displays seem to get bigger and more elaborate every year. From giant inflatable pumpkins, to lighting displays, to entire Halloween themes that take up the whole house, driveway, and yard.

We say… you do you, boo, but the real question is – what do you do with all that spooky stuff for the other 11 months of the year?

At NationWide Self Storage, we see many people use their self-storage units to keep their seasonal decorations safe, organized, and out of the way. Especially if the garage or home storage space is limited.

So, we thought we’d compile some tips for Halloween storage. Here is how to best store your decorations before and after the spooky season…

Plan Ahead

Whether you are putting up or taking down decorations, it is a task best done with a plan in place. You will need a full evening or full weekend day to get it all done. Therefore, it’s best to find a chunk of time you can commit to it. Check the forecast so you’re not caught in a Vancouver-style torrential rainstorm, and keep that time dedicated to the task. 

Otherwise, it’s one of those things that can drag out and then be done in a panicked flurry, which never serves anyone well. At NationWide, you can safely and securely access your self-storage unit any time you like. A convenience we know our customers appreciate. It makes it easier to plan around the other important things in life.

Get Ready for Storage

Halloween decorations can take up a sizable amount of space, quickly becoming disorganized and getting out of hand. That’s why it’s essential to prepare for storage– packing and unpacking. To properly plan for storage, make sure you: 

● Have enough bins and boxes to fold everything up and pack it away carefully. Plastic tubs work the best because they come in plenty of sizes and can be easily labeled and stacked. We also love the clear ones so you can see exactly what’s inside without opening the lid and sifting through the contents.

● If you have fabric decorations, it’s a good idea to either wash them, clean them with a vacuum, or get the dust and grime out before storing them. If they have run through the washing machine, ensure they are completely dry before storing them so they don’t get moldy and gross while stored. You will be so grateful you did this extra step when you pull the decorations out for use next year!

● Choose your storage locker size wisely! NationWide Self Storage has a large variety of lockers sizes, starting at small 5 x 5 foot lockers to approximately 10×20 for walk-in lockers. If you need a more economical price point for a smaller number of items, NationWide Self Storage also has 5 x 5 and 5 x 10 foot sky lockers that are 4 foot in height. These are like a mini storage locker and are accessed via a secure platform ladder. Sky lockers are approximately $69 – $99 per month.

Map Out Your Self Storage Unit

Are you someone who loves putting up a Halloween display? Then there’s a high probability that you do the same for Christmas and perhaps other holidays, too. Or maybe you have other seasonal things in your storage unit like seasonal sports gear or even seasonal clothing. To make sure that things are easy to access when you need them, ensure that you get a self-storage unit that is big enough to move items around and keep things organized all year round. It always helps to keep things well labeled and clumped together by season or theme so that you don’t lose track of things.

We love when the Halloween crowd comes in and starts to unpack their Halloween decorations. It’s a great time of year. And we’ve seen some seriously incredible displays come in and out of the facilities.

At NationWide Self Storage, our self-storage experts will help you calculate the size of storage that is right for you. This depends on how much stuff you have and how long you are thinking of keeping it. And we can show you how safe and secure our self-storage units in Vancouver, Burnaby and Kamloops are. If you need extra space for the spooky season, contact us today!