NationWide Self Storage & Auto Wash Trust, Kamloops Update No. 2/2019 – Build Permit Received.

Shovels in the Ground!

  • City of Kamloops has issued our build permit for our combination self storage and auto wash facility at 1500 Hugh Allan Drive.
  • A fixed price construction contract has been awarded.
  • The land is cleared, and construction has commenced!
Building Permit Now Issued!

Nationwide is pleased to announce that the City of Kamloops has now granted us building and development permits for both our self storage facility and auto wash terminal to be built on our property at 1500 Hugh Allan Drive, Kamloops, BC (the Kamloops Property).

Further to receiving our permits, we are pleased to report that we have now completed the assembly of our development team comprised of experienced industry leaders in project management (BTY Group), self-storage architecture, design and engineering (CTA Design Group), and self storage construction (Maple Reinders). Collectively this group has designed and/or constructed of over 30 modern self storage facilities.

Kamloops Property Investor Update No. 2/2019
Download the full investor update to learn more about our upcoming Kamloops Property combination storage facility and auto wash terminal.
Contract Awarded!

Through a competitive bidding process managed by BTY Group, we have awarded a fixed-price construction contract to Maple Reinders Construction. Maple Reinders is commencing construction and estimates that the building will be completed in Q4 2019.

With over 50 years of experience, Maple Reinders has been ranked as one of the Top 20 Contractors in Canada and as one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies.

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We are pleased to announce that we have launched a new Kamloops Property Overview page on our website where you will find all relevant project details, the latest investor updates and our latest architectural drawings and building pictures.

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