NationWide II Self Storage & Auto Wash Trust, Boundary Update No. 3/2019

The Boundary Offering is Fully Subscribed and is Now Closed

We are pleased to report that the NationWide II Self Storage & Auto Wash Trust (NationWide) investment program for our development property at 2055 Boundary, BC was well received by the capital markets and as such we are fully subscribed, and the offering is now closed.

Development Application Status
Development application to the City of Vancouver for our Boundary facility
Development application to the City of Vancouver for our Boundary property

BFA Studio Architects (BFA) has been engaged by NationWide to provide architectural design to the Boundary property and they now very close to securing the development permit with the City of Vancouver. BFA provides innovative & economical design solutions, including the application of sound technical expertise during all phases of the communication, regulatory, management, and construction processes of building design.

Since 1995, BFA has worked on over 200 successful and challenging projects in Canada including institutional-grade, modern self-storage and auto wash facilities.

BFA will continue to monitor the progress of the application to the City of Vancouver and subject to receipt of our development permit and building permits and we anticipate to commencement of construction this Fall/Winter 2019.

We wish to thank you again for your support of this project and we look forward to providing you further updates upon receipt of any new material information or news.

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