NationWide I Self Storage Trust, East Pender Update No. 8/2018

We Have Walls!

We are pleased provide you with an update on our NationWide Self Storage (NWSS-I) property located at 1223 E Pender St, Vancouver BC (Pender Property).

Structural steel install to level 4 on NW corner, November 2018
Structural steel install to level 4 on NW corner, November 2018

Throughout the summer much progress has been made on our Pender Property from the completion of the foundation to the progress of the walls being erected.

Our original targeted completion date was Q4 2018, however we experienced delays in the issuance of our building permit from the City of Vancouver. In addition, there has been a shortage of steel workers due to the ‘construction boom’ in Vancouver which has caused a 4-6 week delay in construction. The steel worker issues have now been addressed and the project is proceeding smoothly and on budget. Our targeted completion date at this point is the end of Q1 2019.

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